Autumnal light through Zeiss glass

Part time light seekers (those who usually have to work), like me and probably you, suffer whenever there's extraordinary light in the sky. I'm talking about colorful skies in the morning or evening, when sometimes you are overwhelmed by the most amazing combinations of color. Sitting at my computer desk, I have to bite my... Continue Reading →


Zoom, zoom, zoom – which looks best in the darkroom?

Vintage Zoom lenses from Zeiss, Vivitar Series 1, Yashica ML and Tamron SP compared Like I already suggested in my article about this year's vacation trip to the island of Crete, I had a lens problem.Ever since my family and I started to expand our vacation trips to beyond the North of Italy which is... Continue Reading →

Taking a spin through spring …

... using ... Rollei Zeiss HFT Distagon 1.4/35, Tamron SP 8/500 (55B), Sigma Telemax YS 2.8/135, Rollei Zeiss HFT Distagon 2/28, Helios 2/92 Meyer-Optik Primoplan 1.9/58 Contaflex Pro Tessar 4/115 After a winter that at the end just wouldn't stop I'm very happy that spring has finally arrived. In fact here in Bavaria, Germany it... Continue Reading →

3D, Pop – Zeiss exclusive traits?

Recently I've done a lot of reading in order to make the whole topic accessible to myself. Discussions in the net are very fuzzy, sometimes misleading or at least irritating. There aren't many websites that try to explain in depth how some 2-dimensional photos look "3D" or "more 3D" than others. After quite a lot... Continue Reading →

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