Cinematic Autumn reloaded

I really enjoyed compiling the images for my 2020 cinematic acticle. In fact it was so much fun that I continued working on my recent images in the same way, particularly the ones from my trips to a mountain close to where I live. Going there allowed me to scratch one item of my long... Continue Reading →

2020 cinematic

It's the year of living with Covid-19 which requires a whole new approach to life in general and to spending your free time in particular. While other photographers have covered people in masks, empty cities, etc., I let these opportunities pass me by - sadly. I did however use my alone time outside for quite... Continue Reading →

A Zeiss legend and its viceroy

Contax Vario-Sonnar 4.5-5.6/100-300 vs. Contax Vario-Sonnar 4/80-200 I've been searching for a long lens for while now. I have already tested some primes around 200mm and was never really satisfied - too big, too bulky, too heavy, too much aberration, not enough contrast for my spoiled taste. I was for some time thinking about saving... Continue Reading →

Vintage normal Zooms revisited

This article is an amendment to the one on "normal" Zooms here. Recently I followed a discussion on the qualities of the Minolta MDIII 3.5/35-70 on dpreview and got curious again: After my article I had often been suggested that the Minolta zoom lens would have been another worthy candidate for my original comparison. But... Continue Reading →

Twenty Teles at long distances

Twenty telephoto lenses and their sharpness After testing 50 fifties it's about time I continue with some other lenses. While I don't have another fifty lenses of the same focal length range, I've amounted twenty short telephoto lenses (ranging from 80mm to 105mm in focal length), 5 zoom lenses included. However, they're not just a... Continue Reading →

It’s Greece! Again!

Being a family person I don't have the luxury to go on dedicated photo trips. Sadly. For a couple of years now I've never been part of the decision making nor the planning. I don't read tour guides or make any kind of plans for the trip. We travel as one big family pack (my... Continue Reading →

Hamburg Reflections

My family and I just took a trip to Hamburg which is pretty much on the other side of Germany from where I live, 860 km or 530 miles away. Thanks to the German ICE-train travelling there is both comfortable and quite fast. It took us about 7 hours of travelling (plus one hour of... Continue Reading →

What’s the best vintage lens?

In the forums on the net this is a very common question nowadays. I'll tell you right now: It isn't one that I can answer. I even think it is one that everyone has to answer on his own. What drives me to attend to the question is that I believe that many people have... Continue Reading →

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