It’s Greece! Again!

Being a family person I don't have the luxury to go on dedicated photo trips. Sadly. For a couple of years now I've never been part of the decision making nor the planning. I don't read tour guides or make any kind of plans for the trip. We travel as one big family pack (my... Continue Reading →


Hamburg Reflections

My family and I just took a trip to Hamburg which is pretty much on the other side of Germany from where I live, 860 km or 530 miles away. Thanks to the German ICE-train travelling there is both comfortable and quite fast. It took us about 7 hours of travelling (plus one hour of... Continue Reading →

What’s the best vintage lens?

In the forums on the net this is a very common question nowadays. I'll tell you right now: It isn't one that I can answer. I even think it is one that everyone has to answer on his own. What drives me to attend to the question is that I believe that many people have... Continue Reading →

Autumnal light through Zeiss glass

Part time light seekers (those who usually have to work), like me and probably you, suffer whenever there's extraordinary light in the sky. I'm talking about colorful skies in the morning or evening, when sometimes you are overwhelmed by the most amazing combinations of color. Sitting at my computer desk, I have to bite my... Continue Reading →

Taking a spin through spring …

... using ... Rollei Zeiss HFT Distagon 1.4/35, Tamron SP 8/500 (55B), Sigma Telemax YS 2.8/135, Rollei Zeiss HFT Distagon 2/28, Helios 2/92 Meyer-Optik Primoplan 1.9/58 Contaflex Pro Tessar 4/115 After a winter that at the end just wouldn't stop I'm very happy that spring has finally arrived. In fact here in Bavaria, Germany it... Continue Reading →

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