Finest Fifties finale – A Mercedes Benz and a skater

A few weeks ago I saw this beautiful old car in my neigbourhood, standing under an alley of chestnut trees no less. The shadows of the trees and the overcast sky reflected on the surface of the old Mercedes. In my book that's the recipe for some powerful 3D pop. Also it made a nice... Continue Reading →

Finest Fifties at Night

As much as I am happy that spring is finally here, albeit still not with as much warmth as I'd like, I'm also sad that the time of Christmas lighting is over. Sadly I only shot with 8 lenses back then and I feel unable to repeat the same thing now with all ten lenses.... Continue Reading →

Finest fifties – Sharpness

From my own point of view, this part of the review is for you. I don't care too much about the sharpness of the lenses at each and every aperture setting. For portraiture or for shooting moods or details it's not important, because they're all sharp enough in the center. For landscape or architecture however... Continue Reading →

Some of the finest fifties for fullframe

Introduction to a few review articles about some high end, mostly vintage, manual fullframe lenses, made by Canon, Konica, Leica, Minolta, Nikon, Olympus and Zeiss If I had to own just one lens, it would likely be a fifty, mostly because it provides the best compromise for what I shoot, the optimum in versatility. Also,... Continue Reading →

Zeiss oldtimers in spectacular light

Photographer's blues and some bike and hike with the Rollei Zeiss HFT Distagon 1.4/35 and HFT Planar 1.4/85 as well as the Kuribayashi CC Orikkor 2/50. I think many people undergo pretty much the same development as a photographer, the same stages, sometimes certainly in a slightly different order or with other priorities. Some may... Continue Reading →

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